The country of Thailand is situated in mainland Southeast Asia, a part of the world that was historically known as Indochina. Curiously enough, the country's shape resembles that of an elephant's head and trunk, with the trunk forming the southern region. Thailand shares its political borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia and much of its southern arm is sandwiched between the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea.

In 2016, Thailand received a record breaking 32.59 million tourist visitors, making it the most attractive country for international tourists in Southeast Asia. Perhaps Thailand doesn't deserve such disproportionately high numbers of visitors when compared with other countries in the region but the country certainly has a lot to offer.

People flock here because of the country's generally laid-back atmosphere, dazzlingly beautiful Buddhist temples, buzzing cities and night markets, mystifying ancient ruins, gorgeous waterfalls and its paradisical islands and beaches, rivalled by few other places in Southeast Asia. Young backpackers also come in droves to party, meet alluring Thai women and drink cheap booze. The food is excellent, the Wifi is good and accommodation standards are high, yet everything is still incredibly inexpensive.

We mostly travelled in the central and northern parts of Thailand, but we did also visit the town of Krabi and the Railay peninsula in the south. The following videos, in no particular order, document our experiences in Thailand to date.

1. Khao San Road - Bangkok

2. Ancients ruins of Ayutthaya

3. Nong Khai

4. Krabi town & Railay peninsula

5. Ancient ruins of Sukhothai

6. Chasing waterfalls on Death Highway