Thailand travel guides

We were in Bangkok and we had already obtained our Myanmar visas from the Myanmar embassy. 

Our plan was to enter Burma via the land border crossing at Mae Sot in Thailand, almost 500km away.

But before crossing over into Burma, we had a little plan up our sleeve. This was now the perfect opportunity for us to explore the Sukhothai Historical Park, by making a pit stop on the way to Mae Sot. 


It sounds quite ominous, doesn’t it? The Death Highway.

Running alongside the Thai-Burmese border, the Death Highway or Highway 1090 is a 164 km-long stretch of asphalt road in Thailand, which links the Thai-Burma border town of Mae Sot with Umphang.

Not long after leaving Mae Sot, the road begins its gradual upward ascent through the mountainous terrain, the scenery becoming increasingly spectacular as the journey progresses.