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84 Essential Travel Safety Tips You Need To Know For 2020

If you’re a person who hasn’t travelled a great deal, but you yearn to spread your wings and start exploring this crazy and beautiful rock that we live on, there may be one niggling doubt that’s holding you back from throwing yourself headlong into the unknown.


You may be wondering to yourself…. is travel even safe? Will I actually live to tell the tales of my wanderings through those uncharted alien lands? 


An In-Depth Guide To Choosing The Right Padlock For Travel

If you’ve already read our article about how to prevent room theft while travellingyou should fully understand the importance of carrying your own room padlock when travelling.

If you haven't read that, the reason you need to carry your own padlock is that many guesthouses and hotels use padlocks to secure their rooms and you can't always trust a padlock provided to you the receptionist.


The 11 Best Anti-Theft Backpacks For Travel in 2021 (Complete Buyer's Guide)

If you're like most people who travel, you probably bring a few valuable items along with you during your escapades; maybe a smartphone, a laptop, a camera, a portable hard drive…. perhaps even some expensive jewellery.


Many of these valuable items are obviously indispensable to make the most out of your trip, but they’re also very tempting to thieves and villains, who might be able to make the equivalent of four months wages at a regular job by selling off the contents of a well-outfitted travel backpack.


13 Essential Tips For Preventing Room Theft While Travelling

Every year, thousands of travellers report having had valuables stolen from their rooms. 

All of this anecdotal evidence suggests that room theft is one of the most common ways that travellers are separated from their precious valuables. 

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