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If you're new around here, hello and welcome to the site!

Twobirdsbreakingfree is an adventure travel website with an emphasis on promoting low-budget, low-impact and minimalistic backpacking escapades in offbeat and lesser-known, yet awe-inspiring travel destinations.

But we are about more than just travel and regaling you with beguiling tales of exotic faraway lands and kingdoms.

Our mission is to inspire you to break free from the never-ending toil, tedium and drudgery of the prevailing work-retire-die paradigm in today's world, and to encourage you to give the nomadic life a try, to at least see if it's for you.

We want to show you how shockingly inexpensive travel can be with the right approach, and to convince you that even with meagre savings, you too can successfully leave behind the mundane world of routine and familiarity in order to undertake a transformational hero's journey into the unknown.

We wish for you to stop viewing travel as a temporary escape or a brief respite from an existence that is inevitably unfulfilling, monotonous or stressful.

Travel can become your new existence, your new way of living. It is as valid and as feasible a lifestyle as working a permanent job in a fixed location. Rather than just a temporary escape from reality, travel is itself an entirely valid and extremely fulfilling new reality.

Travel introduces you to a whole new world of opportunity and possibility, to new experiences, people, cultures, religions, foods, wildlife, landscapes and other fascinating phenomena that will leave you awestruck.

We want you to be willing to take a brave leap of faith and commit to embracing a whole new world that is outside your present comfort zone, because this is when the real transformation happens.

You don't have to burn all your bridges but you will know you are serious and committed when you are ready to leave without making plans for when you're going to return.

To learn more about who we are, our personal backgrounds, our travel philosophy and our mission, go and read our About page.

The site layout

Our website has three main sections and many sub-sections that are geared towards informing, entertaining and inspiring you the reader with our best travel content.

Our content serves to bestow all of our accreted knowledge and experience from our many years of uninterrupted travel upon you the reader.

We systematically cover the most important and pressing travel-related topics on the site and aim to solve most of the vexing problems that travel presents.

Section 1 - Articles

Our Articles section is populated with both practically useful and inspiring articles on a wide range of important topics related to travel. 

We've divided the articles section into the following sub-categories to make it easier for you to navigate: 

  • Inspiration - A collection of philosophical travel articles that will inspire you to travel
  • General -A collection of articles on miscellaneous travel topics
  • Saving Money -A collection of articles on saving money and reducing everyday travel expenses
  • Gear - A collection of articles on essential travel gear, minimalism and ultralight packing
  • Security - Articles on personal safety, travel security and safeguarding your valuables when on the road
  • Tech - Articles on travel tech and the most useful gadgets, apps and devices for travellers

Section 2 - Destinations

Our destinations section is stocked with practical and informative travel guides for most of the countries that we have visited to date.

We focus on offbeat, obscure destinations that are highly compelling and well worth visiting, yet not widely known, whether that's due to lack of publicity and promotion by local tourism boards, inaccessibility, underdeveloped infrastructure or due to other reasons.

Below is our list of travel destinations. If you click on the country links below you will be taken to a page with a collection of destination guides for that country.

Section 3 - Gallery

We are passionate photographers and travel filmmakers, so we have also created a gallery section, which exhibits some of our favourite photos from our travels, in addition to all the travel videos that we have created to date.  

Our gallery is always going to be a work in progress, as we have so many photos and videos from our past travels that are not yet edited and uploaded, not to mention the fact that we keep taking new photos and making new video clips almost every single day.  

If you happen to spend a lot of time on social media platforms, you can also check out our Instagram photo gallery and our YouTube channel for further inspiration.

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